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NZ personal tours

NZ Personal Tour If you are thinking about going on a vacation that is not directly part of a group or personal tour that is going to have a specific itinerary. Perhaps you want to have a vacation that will put you as the center of attention. All we can say is that this PERSONAL TOUR is just for you.

One of the best things about our personal tour is that you will never have to worry about anything. You will have drivers, as well as other professionals, that will take you exactly where you want to go when you want to go. This is a great opportunity for not only you, but also your friends, to have the trip of a lifetime. It is unique – this is because you get to call all of the shots when we are able to create a personalized guided tour, this means that everyone in your group is going to do whatever you want on your own schedule.

If you are planning on going to New Zealand and checking out the wineries, or look at the gardens that could be along the way to your destination, this can be a part of your list. Maybe you are the type of person that likes to golf, and if so, we can show you where some of the best golf courses are in New Zealand. There could be a special event at a theater, concert, or even a sporting event that you would like to attend, all of which we will help you attend without any problems. All you need to know is we are going to handle everything for you.

• The first thing that you will do is arrive at the airport, and you will know that everything is taken care of for you for the entire trip.

• This could also include private airport transfers in personal tour.

• The guide will make sure that you have suitable vehicles, accommodations, and they will also hire any special equipment that you may need for yourself for the group that you are with.

• Throughout the entire trip, there will be a professional with you plus a local driver or guide.NZ Personal Tour

• The hotels that you will stay at will be handpicked premier establishments, plus there could be boutique accommodations that will provide you with proper hospitality and care. Every place that we book will also be wheelchair accessible.

• You can also do overnight stays at spectacular locations that may have a bed-and-breakfast or a lodge.

• The trip itself will be comfortable, allowing you to get your destination courtesy of the professional drivers that will be with you along the way.

• All of the activities that we recommend will help you have the best possible trip in New Zealand while you are there.

• The guides will also make sure that you get to enjoy local specialities which could include ice cream, roast lamb, fish and chips, and a multitude of other food and beverages native to New Zealand.

• The guides will make sure that you know about optional daily activities that you can do as well as trips that might be available.

• We will also make sure that you know where to dine, giving you access to the best food and wine that is available, plus help you feel comfortable during your trip.

• All of the guides will be extremely discrete.

• It is possible that you may meet New Zealanders that can become your friends that will also provide you with more information about the culture of New Zealand.

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